Last Night: Chromeo and their lady cops make a “Hot Mess” of Conan

It’s always interesting to see how artists interpret their best songs (and craziest videos) in the live setting. In fact how artists present themselves on stage often determine how effectively they can make a living these days. Fortunately for David Macklovitch and Patrick Gemayel – who make up Canadian electro-funk combo Chromeo – playing live seems to be something they have down pat. Just have a look above.

You can only do so much when a majority of your tunes are crafted electronically, but the duo made it pretty damn interesting when they performed “Hot Mess” for Coco last night. Gemayel looked like a pro behind his synthesizer, while the dapper-loking Macklovitch played the hell out of his percussion block and Les Paul. Plus, the lady cops from the steamy video came along, and this time they sang back up vocals and provided string flourishes. Check it all out – including a well-synched cymbal roll – via 3030FM.


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