Last Night: Nicki Minaj crushes on Jay Leno

Nicki Minaj is trying her damnedest to outweird Gaga. Following up her recent appearance on SNL, Minaj graced Jay Leno’s stage Thursday night/Friday morning where the particularly pink diva performed “Moment 4 Life”, off her chart-topping debut, Pink Friday. What was even more mind numbing, however, was the tweet she dropped after the show: “The kids @ Jay Leno are giving me LIFE on another Planet. And I didn’t know Jay Leno was so cute! Ha!” Crushing on Jay Leno is way weirder than a meat dress. Check out the performance above, via The Audio Perv.

Besides the news of her creepy Leno crush, Minaj is set to present at the Grammys on Sunday where she’s also nominated for Best Performance by a Group or Duo, for “My Chick Bad” with Ludacris.


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