Last Night: Odd Future destroy Fallon

We could begin many ways; like how Odd Future‘s absurd amount of hype is not just the blogosphere’s infatuation with an X-rated collective of pre-adolescent rappers, but because the group’s de facto leader, Tyler the Creator, is something of a prodigy. Or, we could note how The Roots’ ?uestlove, who backed Tyler and Hodgy Beats for their performance of “Sandwiches”, summed it up best when tweeting: “late night tv will never be the same….” Or, we could come up with our own review, which would be limited to just two words: holy shit.

In the end, the duo’s appearance on J-Fal was all those things and much more (I didn’t even mention how Mos Def probably died of sheer joy shortly afterwards.) Watch for yourself above, via The Audio Perv.


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