Last Night: Peter Bjorn and John give Conan some

Peter Bjorn and John have brought back the fun. The new vid for “Breaker, Breaker” proved the Swedish trio can still handle pop-rock as well as any American counterpart, and at only 98 seconds it left us wondering what PB&J laid down for the rest of Gimme Some. They didn’t leave fans in the dark long, continuing the back-to-basics approach on the newest single “Second Chance”.

Just two days before hitting up London to kick off their tour, the guys stopped by Burbank, CA to perform “Second Chance” on Conan. The track has a charming simplicity (distorted vocals aside), and it’s hard not to enjoy the energy Peter Morén brings to his guitar breaks. Plus, drummer John Eriksson taps out enough cowbell to even make Bruce Dickinson happy.

Gimme Some will be released March 29th on StarTime International.

Video support via The Audio Perv.


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