Pet Shop Boys score Hans Christian Andersen fairy tale

Daft Punk may have Tron: Legacy on lock down, but The Pet Shop Boys have just pulled out their trump card on the Frenchmen. Prefix is reporting that Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe have figuratively teamed up with Hans Christian Andersen and will release a soundtrack to the Danish playwright’s fairy tale, The Most Incredible Thing.

The album is a collaboration with London’s own Sadler Wells Theatre and has reportedly been in the works since 2007. A press release says it will be a two-CD, 21-track effort, but what’s more exciting is that Londoners will get a chance to watch the whole thing unfold before their eyes. The play ballet – which tells the story of using innovation to win the hand of a princess – opens at Sadler Wells on March 17th and runs through March 26th.

The boys’ update on the 140-year-old score will combine electronics from Tennant and Lowe with lush orchestration from the Wroclaw Score Orchestra. If you’re American and don’t have enough shekels to hop the pond to catch the production, then you’ll just have to wait for March 22nd when The Most Incredible Thing receives a worldwide release through Astralwerks.

Tickets to the play — which will be choreographed by Javier De Frutos — are available here, and you can pre-order the album (see tracklist below) on Amazon.

The Most Incredible Thing Tracklist:
Disc 1
Act One
01. Prologue
02. The Grind
03. The Challenge
04. Help me
05. Risk
06. Physical Jerks
07. The Competition
08. The Meeting

Act Two
09. The Clock 1/2/3
10. The Clock 4/5/6
11. The Clock 7/8/9
12. The Clock 10/11/12
13. The Winner
14. Destruction

Disc 2
Act Three
01. Back To the Grind
02. The Miracle – Ceremony
03. The Miracle – Revolution
04. The Miracle – Resurrection
05. The Miracle – Colour and Light
06. The Miracle – The Meeting (Reprise)
07. The Wedding


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