Reggie Watts joins art/rock girl duo Eagle and Talon, drops music video

Reggie Watts is known for being a one-man musical comedy dynamo. Give him a stage, his loop pedal, and he’ll blow away a crowd (as evidenced by his upcoming festival appearances.) But now the juggernaut that is Watts is playing nice and learning to share as he joins LA-based art/rock girl duo Eagle and Talon. Watts, who will be providing vocals and playing bass, joined the band for their first EP as a trio, In Manila. The group have set up a Kickstart account, where they’ve promised everything from a Skype chat to a home-cooked meal in exchange for cash money, in order to release this third effort on their newly-created label BI/AKKA records. Need a little proof of what you’re giving your hard-earned money for? Check out the track “In Manila” below and the video “For The Bond” above, which features the band taking part in some interesting bonding techniques.

Watts will also tour with Eagle and Talon in the near future, but dates are still forthcoming.

Check Out:
“In Manila”


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