Today on Cluster 1: CoS News (Lollapalooza, TV on the Radio, Kinks), Welcome to Freebird!, and new music videos! (2/9)

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    How’s your winter going? Over here at Cluster 1 we’re doing just fine, whether we’re covered in snow or the sun is just shining down brightly. Things are really rolling along nicely in our corner of the inter-web-blogo-sphere, and things are starting to get interesting. New and exciting content is always in circulation, and everything is getting real. Just take a look at what we have this week.


    – Sami Jarroush has the inside information on Lollapalooza ’11, Sasquatch ’11, TV on the Radio’s new LP, and those forthcoming reissues by the Kinks.


    Welcome to Freebird! That’s right, folks; Cluster 1 is now running its first series. Everyone meet bleubird, the indie rapper from Florida and star of his own documented travel log, Freebird. Last July, this MC started filming his adventures as he traveled the world in his tricked-out RV, and he hasn’t stopped since. Follow him as he visits New York City, Montreal, Kid Koala’s house, and eventually overseas in Europe. Be sure to check out the first episode, “New York: The Beginning“, and become a fan of this travel fanatic @bleubirdy.


    Music Videos:

    – Check out the new video from the Generationals for “Carrying the Torch”. Director Andrew Stubbs takes you on a grand scenic adventure across land and air, all over an intense six-screen, out-of-sync presentation. The track comes from their Trust EP, and if you enjoy that, keep a look out for their full-length LP that drops March 29th.

    – It’s life during wartime for Toto Y Moi, as a mysterious gas effects the citizens of a desolate town. “New Beat” is the latest single off of their forthcoming release, Underneath the Pine. The video is equally thrilling.

    – In a stellar return, Three Mile Pilot drop the video for “What’s In The Air”, a mid-tempo rocker that embraces a band’s 13-year hibernation from 1997. The video, directed by Sean Gillane, alternates between chaos and the stars. We applaud.


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