Today on Cluster 1: CoS News (Radiohead, Arcade Fire, Mangum, SXSW), Beat Connection, Pendulum! (2/21)

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Do you folks know what this is? It’s the last week of February. In precisely seven days, the coldest month of the year will end, and soon all that snow will start to evaporate (unless you live in the Rockies). Spring is so close I can taste it.  And there is so much to look forward to this season with festivals kicking off, Radiohead’s new album, and final tour dates from LCD Soundsystem. And while we sit there, squirming with excitement, we can check out everything going down this week on Cluster 1, to pass the time with come insightful entertainment.


-Cluster 1’s Sami Jarroush brings you the latest news in music. Radiohead released their new album this weekend, The King of Limbs, the Arcade Fire announce their spring tour dates, the legendary Jeff Mangum also adds more tour dates, and SXSW announces the additions to their lineup.

Music Videos:

-A Cluster 1 Premiere! The young and talented Beat Connection brings you their video for the track, “Silver Screen”, off their fantastic debut, Surf Noir.  The summertime sounding single drops March 1, while the EP itself will be out on April 12th. You also check out “Silver Screen” (Young Montana Remix) in the meantime.

-A Cluster 1 Exclusive! Check out Pendulum’s “Watercolour Intro” to get a private look at the band’s secret lair during the midst of their headlining tour. Get ready though for them to melt your face on their tour this year, kicking off with the Ultra Music Festival in Miami, FL, and with the official “Watercolour” video soon to come.

-The standout track from the Scissor Sisters, “Invisible Light” is now here complete with visuals. Prepare yourself for some psycho-sexual science-fiction from the good old days, teamed up with some experimental filmmaking. This may just sound like a good Saturday night (in my terms), but it’s just the new video off the Scissor Sisters album Night Work.

-Chicago’s very own Delmar and the Dedications bring you their video for “So Through”. The band truly harnesses that 45 sound, and brings forth grimy stock footage from throughout their career. Check out this expose written on the band last week by our very own Tony Hardy.

-The new video from the DJ Quartet, Birdy Nam Nam is entitled “The Parachute Ending”. The track’s visual accompaniment comes complete with psychedelic science-fiction that blows things like Heavy Metal to the other side of the galaxy. This is why we have animation…to see the unseeable!

-Be sure to peep the video from Canadian rappers Evil Ebenezer and Factor, with their track “In My Car”. Watch as the two rappers carjack and pick-pocket the countryside with a troupe of beautiful women. Don’t get too comfortable with this relaxing jam, because things turn dark real quick.

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