Today on Cluster 1: CoS News (Radiohead, Death Cab, Bonnaroo), Moby, Get-Up Kids, The Strokes, etc. (2/16)


February is half over now folks, which means every new day brings us one step closer to spring! Sure, the shoveling snow is getting annoying, and the sub-zero temperatures are driving you over the edge, but time is flying by, both in the world and here at Cluster 1. We’ve officially been kicking it to you live for over one month, and plan to be doing it for many, many more. So relax, don’t worry about that snow, and check out what’s new today on Cluster 1:


– Our host Sami Jarroush continues to dish the news, this time on Radiohead, Death Cab For Cutie, Soundgarden, & Bonnaroo. Good stuff all around.


– Join our indie rapper amigo bleubird this week for “Episode #35: South of the Border” as he makes his way down the East Coast’s fantastic Interstate-95, and comes across the gigantic tourist attraction that is South of the Border. The rapper even goes on to explain “Anyone who has ever driven up or down I-95 along the east coast knows a little somethin somethin about SOTB, they have ridiculous advertisements for 100 miles in each direction taunting and tantalizing your curiosity. Then when you finally do stop it’s nothing but a dressed up, run-down, depressed, rest stop. The type of place J.W. Gacy might have a hot dog and stab a methed out trucker. BUT you can get ice cream, firecrackers, and ridiculous fanfare…which I love! So cheers to you SOTB.” Don’t forget to check out the exclusive Cluster 1 intro for the show here.

Music Videos:

Moby recently announced his tenth studio album, Destroyed. Already, he’s on the hype machine, unveiling a new EP and one hectic video, too. For his new single “Be The One”, Moby shows us where he’s been over the past year or two. As we suggested yesterday, don’t forget your Dramamine.

– With all the buzz surrounding The Strokes lately, we decided to revisit the band’s old videography, specifically 2002’s “Someday”. This is the start to a new weekly music videos series, called Another Round, which will showcase oldies such as these, coupled with an analysis and some background on Consequence of Sound. We thought watching Julian Casablancas massacre a greasy burger would be a good kickoff.

– Pop-punk gods, the Get-Up Kids, are back with a new video entitled “Automatic”, which depicts a telekinetic dream of an automatic car wash, and your brother’s sweet ride. The track comes from their new album, There Are Rules.

– Check out the new video from rapper Schaffer the Darklord for the song, “The Bender”. What starts out as a casual “one drink” evening, turns into a series of drug-fueled and crazy shenanigans. Talk about a true bender there! The song comes from Schaffer the Darklord’s new album, Manslaughter. Oh yeah, NSFW!

– Our lo-fi pals No Age return with a new clip. What starts as a normal day in the band’s high-tech warehouse flat, ends in calamity as the entire room tries to eat them. The video for “Fever Dreaming”, off their latest album Everything in Between, was directed by modern video great, Patrick Daughters, who’s done videos for Interpol, Feist, Beck, Death Cab for Cutie and Grizzly Bear to name a few.  Do not miss.

– Regular readers of CoS might recognize the name Joemca as someone worth “Checking Out” on a recent Friday Mixtape, but our introduction to the L.A. native/New York transplant doesn’t stop there we present you with the music video premiere for the aforementioned “Big Dreams”. The clip, which was shot in two days on a farm in upstate New York and directed by E.S. Frushtick, adds some stunning scenery behind those head-nodding beats and grabbing hooks. A nice four-minute diversion from hump day if you ask me.

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