Today on Cluster 1: CoS News, The Curve of Forgotten Things, Yeasayer, Walkmen, Edward Sharpe, and more! (2/28)

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    -Another news segment from our man with the plan, Sami Jarroush. Check out what’s new in the music world, specifically with Tom Waits, the Pitchfork Music Festival, Record Store Day, and some of the greatest actors turned musicians.

    Short Films:

    The Curve of Forgotten Things

    -Combine a talented photographer, a chic design team, beautiful indie music, and a rising starlet together, and your have our short film. Directed by Todd Cole, this short captures actress Elle Fanning, as she plays a mysterious creature with magical capabilities, and who also showcases off many beautiful outfits. This Deerhunter-scored video shows the actress wandering California’s famous Baldwin House while she magically changes outfits within every room.

    Music Videos:

    -The new video from Yeasayer has arrived entitled, “I Remember”.  The video is not as strange as their last sci-fi, bizarro fest, but don’t jump to any conclusions just yet. Installation artist Sophia Peer directs a story about an estranged biker who must carry a stone effigy of himself as he wanders the desert.


    -Are you sick of the snow? Well, the Walkmen are. In their new video, “While I Shovel the Snow”, the band faces the cold, and wanders throughout the beautiful, frozen landscape.

    Over the Weekend:

    -If you’re an Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeroes fan, you may or may not know of Salvo!, their new 12-part musical to be released in music video segments. Here, we have the first three parts for your viewing pleasure! The first is “Desert Song”, which depicts singer Alex Ebert’s father chanting an old Native-American prayer in the Monument Valley. FYI: The song deals with the middle name on Alex’s birth certificate (which may, or may not mean “devil”). Next there’s “Kisses From Babylon”, which takes place in the same desert wasteland. Here, Ebert is arrested by the Ursa Minor police and taken to a water labor camp, where he reunites with his brother and sets up a prison break! Finally, there’s the album’s epic opener, “’40 Day Dream”, which finds Edward and Brother receiving a telepathic message and uniting with the rest of the Magnetic Zeroes (including Jade!). Due to their unity, the newfound family celebrates, but the next morning, Ebert is awoken by Angel.

    -The new video for Crystal’s “Magic” has been described as Lisa Frank’s wet dream. True description. The video displays director Shinya Sato’s more colorful side of computer animation.


    -Check out the video for “Plath Heart” by the band Braids, which showcases experiments in texture and light that will suck you right in.

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