Today on Cluster 1: Pearl Jam, Freebird, Akron/Family, and MOVITS! (2/23)

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    Freebird #38: “Coffee with Jacques’”

    – Join our rapping friend bleubird as he takes a breather between his time at Kid Koala’s house and in the great city of Montreal. Here, he takes some time to hang out at Astronautalis’ house as the two lay down some tracks for their album together. Mr. bleubird himself says, “THIS IS THE FUTURE!!! Or at least as close as you’ve seen to the present time along this freeebird adventure.”


    – Talk about immediacy. This past Monday, Afro-Beat sensations Akron/Family shot this live video for “Canopy” at the Christ’s Church Cathedral in Hamilton, Ontario. On the whole, it captures the band in their role-swapping chaos. If you dig it enough, you can grab their new album, Akron/Family II: The Cosmic Birth and Journey of Shinju TNT.

    Music Videos:

    – A Cluster 1 Premiere! The Swedish group MOVITS! brings you their track “Sammie Davis Jr.”. While the video is a frustrating combo of Swedish, English and Japanese, it’s more about enjoyment than understanding, with the band’s cool breed of swing and hip-hop. After hearing a track like this, you’ll definitely want to check out the band’s live show!


    – With Pearl Jam’s forthcoming summer music festival coming up, we can’t help but turn back to its videography. This week, we’ll take Another Round at Pearl Jam’s controversial video for “Jeremy”.

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