Today on Cluster 1: The Wildbirds, bleubird, Erykah Badu, Yuck, Kisses, and Bridges and Powerlines (2/11)

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    It’s Friday, and while some of us have jobs and shit to do, there’s always time to lose over at Cluster 1. As expected, there’s plenty of new stuff to get lost in! We have hot new music videos, exclusive live clips, and, of course, our new series for you to enjoy. It’s all warped, it’s all authentic, and yet it’s all tricked out, too. That’s just how we roll. Deep, huh?


    -The adventures of our favorite indie rapper turned documentarian continue… Check out bleubird in his latest adventure, Freebird #37: Montreal Je T’aime. In the newest installation, bleubird leaves his stomping grounds of New York City and heads to our wonderful neighbors to the north: Canada!  But, naturally, every journey has its obstacles. Good ol’ bleubird explains, “The immigration officer literally said, ‘Where do you think you’re going with this thing?’ I simply told him, ‘Montreal is one of my favorite cities in North America, and I’m going to get some footage for my blog.’ He gave me a bewildered look and waved me through.” See what he found! Also, be sure to check out the exclusive Cluster 1 intro for the show here. And, if you’re hooked already, you can always see where he’s traveling to next @bleubird.


    A Cluster 1 Live exclusive! The newest track from the Wildbird’s live EP, “Sittin’ Here.” What started as a house party, and a small show for some friends, turned into the band’s first live EP, When I’m With My Friends. The band has been releasing tracks from the EP, both audio and video, on their website since January 20th, and are available at Special guests include Nathaniel Markman on fiddle (Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros), Mark Woldoch on harmonica (Celebrated Workingman), and Allen Cote on lap steel.


    Make sure to check out the other live tracks from When I’m With My Friends: “This is Our Town” and “If I Was a Woman”!

    Music Videos:

    -The newest video from Bridges and Powerlines entitled, “The Jameson,” depicts four homogeneous hotel rooms, all with different tales of the inhabitants getting ready. But are these four separate rooms, or four separate realities? You can be the judge. The track comes from the band’s album Eve,

    -A video accompanying the song “Bermuda” by Kisses, proving a sexy getaway awaits you by putting in this VHS and relaxing. The track comes from Kisses’ recent effort, The Heart or the Nightlife.


    -A papercraft Alice in Wonderland story best explains the video for “My Heart is a Drummer” off Allo Darlin’s self-titled LP.  We can’t get enough of these folks!

    -If you thought the music of Flying Lotus was a trip, then you should see what he does with some visuals. Courtesy of Gorilla Vs. Bear, we present the DJ’s video for Erykah Badu‘s song “Gone Baby, Don’t Be Long”, off her latest album New Ameryka Part Two (Return of the Ankh).

    -Our new favorite UK brand, the inappropriately titled Yuck, unleashes its performance video for “Holing Out”, one of the hotter tracks off its debut self-titled LP. The video itself plays out as if David Cronenberg directed it himself, complete with a mishmash of production labels, bloody female leads, and incredibly awkward camera angles. It’s a mess… a bloody mess… a bloody, brilliant mess.


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