Watch: Kanye & Rihanna bring “All of the Lights” to NBA All-Star Game

Kanye‘s appearance during the NBA All-Star Halftime show wasn’t much of a surprise, especially since “All of the Lights” was essentially played before and after every commerical break during the NBA All-Star weekend festivities. (While we’re on the topic, Blake Griffin’s over-the-car dunk was way overrated.) Still, minus his pre-Thanksgiving surprise show at Bowery Ballroom, the Chicago MC had never previously performed the song live; and while like the video, the performance lacked 90% of its on-record guests, seeing West perform My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy‘s most extravagant single was long overdue. It also made up for his last public performance/that Thanksgiving parade bullshit.

For those who missed it, you can find the video posted above (via Rap Radar). Rihanna, who headlined the whole shindig, proceeded Yeezy with a mix of old and new hits. Drake also came up for a duet of “What’s My Name?”.

Minus a few festival one-offs, it doesn’t appear that West has any more upcoming appearances in promotion of My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy, which makes sense considering he owes us an album or two.


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