Watch: Kanye West & Kobe Bryant star in The Black Mamba

In a span of five minutes and 48 seconds, Nike managed to create the greatest infomercial in the history of infomercials. The Magic Bullet might have that Australian guy and cranky Grandma, but The Black Mamba, a film playing off Kobe Bryant’s alter ego, manages to combine the talents of director Robert Rodriguez, Bruce Willis, Danny Trejo, and Kanye West. The end result is an absurdly over-the-top tale of Kobe’s battle against The Boss (played by West), who hopes to defeat Bryant in order to steal his greatest possession: “Some take souls, some take scalps, others take shoes.” This is of course without mentioning West’s countless and often amazing one-liners, which include “ready to join my trophy wall?”, “adios mother-“, and “f**k, f**k, f***k.” Plus, we get to hear Kanye do an evil laugh while hanging off a helicopter.

We won’t spoil how the film ends, but if you’re guess has something to do with exploding helicopters and a flaming Nike logo, then correctamundo.

You can watch the entire clip in the video posted above. Also remember that Kanye will again drop his talents on the hardwood when he teams up with Rihanna for a performance of “Alll of the Lights” during the halftime show of tomorrow’s NBA All-Star Game.


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