Watch: Lady Gaga – “Born This Way”

If you thought Lady Gaga‘s recent hatching at the Grammys was the piece de resistance in the singer-songwriter’s cavalcade of weirdness, then you obviously aren’t aware of the Mother Monster’s dedication to exponentially-increasing oddity. Case in point, the video for “Born This Way”, the lead single off her upcoming album. While Gaga’s been known to kill people in the past, this video sees an altruistic shift in the portrayal of the Gaga One. And by altruistic, we mean she creepily gives birth to giant goo sacks in space. Between the clips of the intergalactic delivery room, a monologue in space regarding the balance of good and evil, which ends in machine gun fire as most philosophical debates tend to do, and your default-yet-still-so-very-hot dance routine featuring skeleton monsters in tuxedos and unicorns, it should be no surprise that the Universe loves going gah-gah.

Born This Way hits stores May 23rd via Interscope.


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