Watch: Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator – “Yonkers”

Hip hop’s two freshest acts continue to make names for themselves through, well, the ordinary. We’re less than 12 hours removed from the release of Lil B’s 676-song mixtape, and now Based God’s even more insane west coast contemporaries, Odd Future, offer up a new music video. The clip is for Tyler, the Creator’s (aka the group’s de facto leader/the guy who’ll appear on Fallon) new single “Yonkers”, off his forthcoming album, Goblin. The group is still unsigned and thus not yet ready for 90-second moving portraits, but that’s probably a good thing since minimal production seems the best route right now. It does, after all, allow Tyler, his lyrics, and his accompanying antics (which in this case include playing with bugs, puking and manic facial reactions) to remain the stars of the video, which seem appropriate considering this is how I visualize him even when he’s not on camera. I’m also not sure whether to be completely terrified, repulsed, or LMAO. That’s the beauty of #swag, I guess.


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