Watch: Rihanna – “S&M”

In news that further proves that they’ll put anything of television these days, Rihanna’s new video is, well, kinky. Just hit play on that video up there, and you’ll see what I mean.  The four-minute clip for the leadoff track from her latest LP, Loud, starts somewhat normally with RiRi addressing a room full of gagged reporters as she stands plastered to a wall with plastic, but things start getting racy at the one-minute mark.

The next 180 seconds find “The Only Girl (In The World)” playing doggie with a leather-bound buddy, sexually assaulting a blowup doll, and eating pink popcorn while she has her way with some folks who’ve found themselves inconveniently taped to a wall. Our heroine ends up gagged and bound by the time the video enters its last minute, and the closing sequence involves bananas.

It’s not NSFW, but if there was a clip for an extended remix, then it would probably come with one of these.


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