Watch: The Majesty That Is Dr. Dre’s Existence In “I Need a Doctor”

While we’re still over a month away from what could be one huge April Fool’s joke, Dr. Dre isn’t leaving his patients hanging yet. In the second video from Detox, Dre presents “I Need a Doctor” (courtesy of Miss Info). If “Kush” was the crazy night out, then this near-eight-minute epic is the morning after. Amidst crashing waves and flashbacks of his life and career, not to mention a hearty work-out, Dre details, with help from Skylar Grey and Eminem, why the world needs the D-O-C. We won’t reveal what happens a few minutes in, but it gets to be like a great episode of Passions real quick like.

Detox is scheduled to hit stores April 1st.


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