Check Out: Astronautalis – “Midday Moon”

Shout-outs are an all-too-important part of hip-hop (kinda like being in a rap group). Some MCs offer them up to a talented DJ, a fellow rapper, or even a loved one (this one goes out to Nana!)  If you’re Seattle MC Astronautalis, then the shout-outs you give are to Robert Nelson and The Cryonics Society of California. And dedicating a new track like “Midday Moon”, with its chilled vibe and icy-tongued jabs like “It was a windy day/That kind that makes me hate L.A./Cause God gave them a perfect sun and they think gangs and smog were hardly a fair trade,” to an early cryonics society only makes sense. Check out the track below and/or purchase it at Astronautalis’ BandCamp page; if you’re lucky, he just may perform it at our day party.


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