Check Out: The Vandelles – “Summer Fling” (CoS Premiere)


    Holden McNeil was only like 66% correct when he told Jay and Silent Bob that the “Internet is a communication tool used the world over where people can come together to bitch about movies and share pornography with one another”. He forgot to mention the ability to digitally keep tabs on every move of our favorite bands. Using the web’s many social networking tools, Brooklyn’s The Vandelles have kept fans of their unique “surf-psych” style up to date on the process behind the band’s newest 5-track EP, Summer Fling.

    Utilizing their blog, the band photo-documented the release’s recording and mixing process, and have already premiered two of the EP’s three original tracks, ”Get Around” and “My Time”. The final two tracks, “Aloha From Hell” and “Losing Touch With My Mind” are both covers, previously written and performed by The Cramps and Spacemen 3, respectively. To complete the roll-out, The Vandelles are now debuting the hard-hitting title track, “Summer Fling”. Propelled with sun drenched West Coast harmony, the vocal interplay creates a striking juxtaposition against the lo-fi guitar riffs and driving percussion courtesy of Honey Valentine. Keeping with the summer theme, the track closes with a playful tambourine reminding us that it’s never too early to get that fling started.

    The Summer Fling EP officially drops March 16th, the same date as they hit Austin for South by Southwest. If you happen to attend, make sure to snag a hand screened EP.

    “Summer Fling”

    Summer Fling EP Tracklist:
    01. Get Around
    02. Summer Fling
    03. My Time
    04. Aloha From Hell
    05. Losing Touch With My Mind

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