Death From Above 1979's Jeese Keeler scores Mortal Kombat!


Remember the lazy days in front of the television playing Mortal Kombat? You know, the 16-bit fighting game that your mother shook her head at disapprovingly? Well, they still make it. Now in its 21st century format (god knows how many bits it is nowadays), Mortal Kombat continues to layer your television in blood and chaos; this time, however, it has a killer soundtrack. In a surprisingly fitting twist, Death From Above 1979‘s Jeese Keeler has produced a score for the forthcoming game (via Clash Music). It makes sense. Based on his recent Austin appearance, it’s likely your mothers would be shaking their heads at him, too.

Titled Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired by the Warriors, the 11-track release will feature tracks off Keeler’s Teenage Riot Records imprint, including LA Riots, Congorock, and more. In addition to scoring the game, Keeler’s also submitted a track under the MSTRKRFT moniker, which will support in-game character Scorpion (aka, the one who spears people with a kunai). Start getting excited, though, because the album hits streets next week on April 4th (via Teenage Riot Records), and you can check out a clip of the game, featuring Congorock’s music, below. In all honesty, it’s hard to forget the theme to the original 1995 film. Who didn’t go apeshit when it went on at the roller rink?

FYI: Death From Above 1979 will re-surface at this year’s Coachella. Meanwhile, if you’re feeling all chummy about this soundtrack, you can pre-order it here. Um, this is where you fall down…

Mortal Kombat: Songs Inspired By The Warriors tracklist:
01. JFK of MSTRKRFT – “Deathstalker (Scorpion’s Theme)”
02. Tokimonsta – “Mileena’s Theme”
03. Harvard Bass – “Helado (Sub-Zero’s Theme)”
04. Congorock – “Liu Kang’s Theme”
04. Bird Peterson – “Goro’s Theme”
05. Skrillex – “Reptile’s Theme”
06. 9th Wonder – “Raiden’s Theme”
07. LA Riots – “Johnny Cage’s Theme”
08. Run DMT – “Baraka’s Theme”
09. Felix Cartal – “Kung Lao’s Theme”
10. Them Jeans – “Kano’s Theme”
11. Sound Of Stereo – “Shao Kahn’s Theme”

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