Last Night: Lykke Li gets some on Fallon

If you happened to turn on Fallon at 1:30AM earlier this morning and had no previous context of Lykke Li, then you may have had been blown away by the stunningly gorgeous girl who looked like she just got off her 9-5 at the hair salon. The 24-year-old Swede is not your ordinary pop star — her performance outfit often comes across as a giant poncho (it’s more elaborate than that, really, I’m just a boy) rather than a life-like egg, and her most recent LP, Wounded Rhymes, was summed up by our Caitlin Meyer as “a soulful, intricate album that showcases a more vocally confident and mature Li amidst a score of equally powerful and impressive instrumentation.” Which leads up to last night’s performance on Fallon: Li brought no flashing lights, no smoke machines, not even choreographed dance moves (unless you count striking a tambourine). Instead, she let her vocals and the aforementioned impressive instrumentation do the talking on “Get Some”. It’s just a shame this wasn’t on Letterman so we could watch him oggle all over her.


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