Last Night: Motörhead pummel Fallon with “Ace of Spades”

Motörhead‘s new full-length, The World is Yours, dropped early last month, and Lemmy just made its way to DVD, but instead of plugging the new releases with a fresh track, Lemmy Kilmister and co. reached back to 1980 and brought forth a stellar performance of “Ace of Spades” for Fallon last night. At 65, Kilmister growled out the classic lyrics,”But that’s the way I like it baby, I don’t wanna live for ever” with the veracity of a singer 40 years his junior. In turn, Phil Campbell, equipped with his signature LAG Explorer guitar, kept the heads banging with the seminal thrash metal track. For real, check out last night’s performance in the video above.

The band also offered a rendition of The Wörld is Yours‘ “Get Back In Line” as a web exclusive, which you stream below:


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