Late Night Lobotomy (3/13)


Some of our more observant readers may have noticed that last week we didn’t run the Late Night Lobotomy. That can be easily explained away. For whatever reason, everyone except Craig Ferguson took the week off last week and he didn’t have any artists scheduled. It was a week  full of re-runs.

I wish I had better news for you this week, but it’s surprisingly bleak yet again. Although we’re not going to see too many re-runs (I don’t think Carson Daly’s filmed a new show in over three months),  the new acts are nothing to write home about. Late night almost feels like a ghost town. My hypothesis: everybody who’s anybody is going to be performing/attending SXSW this week. Seriously. Have you seen the lineup? It’s unreal. So, we could talk about mediocre performances ’til the cows come home, but let’s keep our eyes on SXSW. CoS will no doubt be keeping you posted on the festival. Or, better yet, if your week just opened up and you have a thousand bucks to burn on last-minute bookings and a festival badge, do that.

Performers this week include Cold War Kids, The Wombats, and good old Alice Cooper. Oh, and a double helping of Avril Lavigne – still peddling her faux-punk to innocent children and feeble-minded teens – and Serj Tankian, the least deserving frontman in rock and roll history of a solo career.

Here’s you Late Night Lobotomy.

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Mon—Ron Sexsmith
Tues—Avril Lavigne
Wed—The Wombats
Thurs—Young Dubliners

jimmy fallon 300x86 Late Night Lobotomy (3/13)

Mon—The Chieftans

conan logo 260x146 Late Night Lobotomy (3/13)

Tues—Steel Train
Wed—Cheap Trick
Thurs—Iron and Wine

0000034701 20061021012115 Late Night Lobotomy (3/13)

Mon—Cold War Kids
Tues—Bob Geldof
Wed—Selena Gomez

0000004411 20060919222627 Late Night Lobotomy (3/13)

Mon—A Perfect Circle*
Tues—School of Seven Bells*
Wed—Screaming Females*
Fri—Florence and the Machine*

fergpic Late Night Lobotomy (3/13)

Better luck next week!

tonight show leno 440x230 300x156 Late Night Lobotomy (3/13)

Mon—Avril Lavinge
Thurs—Serj Tankian
Fri—Alice Cooper

* = Repeat

Stay tuned, folks!