Late Night Lobotomy (3/30)


    Belated, we know. Things have been hectic in the music world! What with Ultra Music Festival shaking The Sunshine State to its very core, LCD’s final week in performing music live, and Fleet Foxes Helplessness Blues leaking five weeks in advance (don’t pretend you haven’t been scouring the torrent sites looking for a piece of that action…), it’s been busy. We apologize for our lateness. But as Kanye so humbly put it, “Ya’ll should be honored by my lateness. That I would even show up to this fake shit? So go ahead, go nuts, go apeshit.” Okay, maybe that’s a little self-aggrandizing. We do apologize for our lateness. But hopefully clips from last week and a stellar schedule this week will help you to forgive us at a more rapid rate. First things first: what on earth did Julian Casablancas snort/smoke/inject before playing Letterman last week? Whatever it was, get that man some more of it. Hell, I’ll buy the next round of the mystery chemical! That was more animation in one song than I’ve seen out of Jules in the three times I’ve seen The Strokes combined. Next, Cut Copy brought their brilliant Zonoscope to Jimmy Fallon, and Little Dragon did similarly. And last but not least, Duran Duran emerged back into the limelight.

    Can’t top that week you say? Well, you might be right. But. There are some incredible things to look forward to. For instance, two more Duran Duran appearances and yet another Strokes appearance! So far, they’ve played “Undercover Of Darkness”, “Life Is Simple In The Moonlight”, and “Taken For A Fool” on network television, so they aren’t sticking to any one song. So it’s anyone’s guess as to what they’ll be playing on Fallon this week. Other notables: Snoop Dogg, hip hop up and comer Freddie Gibbs, and some combination of Norah Jones, Willie Nelson, and Wynton Marsalis.

    Here’s your Late Night Lobotomy.

    Wed—Duran Duran
    Thurs—Sum 41

    Wed—The Strokes
    Thurs—Duran Duran

    Mon—Little Big Town
    Tues—Panic! At The Disco

    Wed—Willie Nelson, Norah Jones, Wynton Marsalis
    Thurs—Funeral Party
    Fri—Royal Bangs

    Wed—Goldheart Assembly
    Fri—The Greenhornes


    Wed—Good Charlotte
    Thurs—Mary Mary
    Fri—Scissor Sisters

    * = Repeat

    Stay tuned, folks!

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