Parenthetical Girls – “The Common Touch”

Ahh, the art of dance. It can be anything from a stumbling mess to a synchronized masterpiece. Parenthetical Girls’ video for “The Common Touch” falls in the latter category. The three band members dance around, with, and opposite each other on stage in a choreographed manner that fits with the song’s fluttering keys. The camera itself is almost a fourth dancer, weaving in between the group throughout the video.

“The Common Touch” is from their recent EP, Privilege Part II: The Past, Imperfect. It’s one in a series of five 12″ EPs composing their full-length album, Privilege. These extremely limited edition EPs are being released in sequence on a quarterly schedule. every quarter over the next 15 months, each as they are completed. The fifth and final 12″ will come packaged in a beautiful, aesthetically cohesive LP box designed to house all four of the preceding releases, forming the complete Privilege album.  The third, entitled, Mend & make Do will be released on March 22.  Oh yeah, and here’s the real kicker – every EP is numbered in a different band member’s blood.  No joke.

Directed by: Guy Wagner
Choreographed by: Allie Hankins


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