The Non-Commissioned Officers – “No Means No” from Make-out With Violence

A clip from the 2008 feature film, Make-out With Violence featuring the music of The Non-Commissioned Officers.  Funny story: The Non-Comms (as they’re affectionately abbreviated) were founded to score Make-out With Violence.  The “band” was turned into a means of raising money to complete the film and became a full-fledged act during and after production. The double-disc soundtrack to Make-out With Violence was their debut album, and a newly reassembled readies their first stand-alone album – Money Looking for Thieves to be released Monday, March 14th on iTunes.  You can listen to the whole album streaming online here and visit their site for two free tracks.

Since its debut in 2008, Make-out With Violence has toured film festivals, won awards and is now on DVD and Blu-Ray and available via Netflix. What’s the film about? Glad you asked. You might call it a psychological coming of age story in which two guys find the zombified body of their beloved friend and prospective love interest in the woods.  It’s dark, funny, beautifully shot, and unlike anything you’ve ever seen.

“No Means No” is the second of three film clips from the film highlighting the music of The Non-Commissioned Officers. The first clip, “Ride,” can be found here.

Directed by: The Deagol Brothers


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