The Strokes – “Under Cover of Darkness”

We’re only a day into March and already it’s clear which band has claimed it as its own: The Strokes. Between 30 second clips, appearances at SXSW and SNL, a sold-out headlining gig at Madison Square Garden, a recent B-side to its current single, and interviews galore, the once rusty PR machine for the New York quintet is clearly greased and cooking with nuclear energy in anticipation for the group’s fourth studio album, Angles, due out March 22nd. Next from the oven comes the video for their rock radio-saving single, “Under Cover of Darkness”.

Directed by Warren Fu, the video captures our famed compatriots lounging around a decadent mansion, jamming to themselves in various rooms. Everyone’s here. Amongst lush velvet reds and rich, classic tapestries, each member churns out the song like it’s any other day…and they’re not wearing thousands of dollars worth of fancy, schmancy wardrobes. (Well, except Julian Casablancas.) Staying true to his nature, the lucid-yet-boisterous frontman first appears behind some thick shades and his expected leather getup, tossing out both lyrics and playing cards. Before the clip ends, Fabrizio Moretti assumes a ghostly demeanor, Nick Valensi stretches out his fingers over the balcony for the song’s now trademark solo, Albert Hammond, Jr. keeps up his lofty facial expressions, and Nikolai Fraiture, well, stares at the floor. It’s not as classic and iconic as the group’s past videos (namely “Hard to Explain” or “Someday”), but it does the trick right now – especially by framing the band’s epic return. Yep, rest assured, the boys are back in town. Rock ‘n’ roll.

Once again, Angles hits streets March 22nd, which you can preorder here.

-Michael Roffman

Consequence of Sound

Directed By: Warren Fu


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