Today on Cluster 1: Acrylics, Midnight Masses, We are Enfant Terrible and more! (3/4)

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-Losing someone important to you is never easy, and some of us go to great lengths to get them back in our lives. This scenic animation displays the journey of a scientist in search of his lost love, as he braves through a haunted forest, the bottom of the deep blue sea, and far out through the reaches of space. And his only protection to keep him safe is your average air tube, which he remains tethered to throughout the animation’s entirety.

Music Videos:

-Need a moment to relax? Peep the video for the track “Nightwatch”, by the Brooklyn duo, Acrylics. The duo of Molly Shea and Jason Klauber head to upstate New York to the Wassaic Project, an artist-run, sustainable, multidisciplinary arts organization. Bear witness to beautiful sights, including a river superimposed over a house, a trot through a psychedelic forest, and a slow pan along a beautiful sunset.

-A Cluster 1 Premier! The band Midnight Masses display their rendition of the Sonic Youth track, “Do You Believe in Rapture”.  This version of the track is much more somber than the original, as well as more spacey, thanks to additional reverb, oohs, and aaahs. The video doesn’t make things much happier, either. One by one, we see the members of the band trying to off themselves in a number of ways.  Gruesome, yes, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t pure artistic gold. Most of the best works are brutal.

-Check out this experiment that will be sure to make you crave some Jell-O. The track is “Filthy Love”, by We are Enfant Terrible, which shows what happens when a scientist turns the musical joy of a bass line into a blob of America’s favorite desert. Once bassist Thomas Fourny eats said gelatin, everything becomes a red silhouette, and things start to get groovy!

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