Today on Cluster 1: CoS News, Errors, Rival Schools, Steel Train, Scattered Trees, & lots more! (3/7)

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    Wheels: Docu-Portrait

    – The simplest approach is sometimes best when working with video, and that is the whole basis behind Joriah Good’s Wheels; the first of a series that captures real moments from real people. In this case, 22-year old Ryan Davis from Seattle tells the story of a violent encounter he had on Capitol Hill. No music, no effects…. just a man telling his tale.

    Music Videos:

    – For the better half of the decade, Scottish electro-pop group Errors have been making a name for themselves in Europe, and are now starting to conquer the States. Need proof? Check out this video for the band’s single, Rumours in Africa”. The video begins with the band’s Greg Patterson waving at passing traffic, but soon enough, director Squarelips shows us Patterson’s personal life, which includes him engineering the most advanced home puppetry. The track is off their latest effort, Come Down with Me, which surfaces on April 12th via Mogwai’s label, Rock Action Records. Be sure to check them out at South by Southwest this month!

    – In the mood for a road trip, but got too much work and not enough money? Well, check out the video for “Bullet” by Steel Train to get a brief fix of the open road. Pulled off their third and self-titled EP, the video depicts the band doing the average road trip shenanigans; you know, like throwing things into a river and sword fighting? (Alright, not every road trip.) The destination? A small club where Steel Train is playing. Sometimes it’s just that simple.


    – Fans of the devil? I know I am. Rival School’s new video for Wring It Out” combines The Exorcist, Constantine, and the band’s music all in one. Only rock and roll can save Linda Blair’s soul. The track comes from the group’s latest album, Pedals, which comes out tomorrow!

    – Scattered Trees bring you its video for “Love and Leave”. A long time ago, in a galaxy far away, the band captured a princess, but one of them actually fell in love with her. And unfortunately, not even the Bounty Hunter scum of Boba Fett could have saved her. Yeah, check it out.

    Over the Weekend:

    Cluster 1 News Update: Pitchfork Music Festival, Arctic Monkeys, My Morning Jacket, and Death Cab for Cutie’s Ben Gibbard.


    -Check Young Man performing their track “Hands” last October at Chicago’s own Schubas. If you like what you see, be sure to check out the band at South by Southwest.

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