Today on Cluster 1: CoS News, Smashing Pumpkins, Telepathique, Cage the Elephant, and so much more! (3/9)

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    Cluster 1 Update: Sami Jarroush has information on Trent Reznor &  Nine Inch Nails, the Arctic Monkeys, Langerado Music Festival, bassist Mike Starr of Alice in Chains, and info on our SXSW party. A lot can happen in a few days!


    -Brazilian group Telepathique brings to you a live version of their song “Chicken”. While the band sounds like a stripped down Depeche Mode, their female singer, jaunting synthesizers, and dark beats definitely set them apart. The video mimics their musical style perfectly, starting out from grainy black and white, and then switching to panning colored shots, with different colored lenses.

    -A Cluster 1 Premier! Kentucky’s Cage the Elephant has had a great past few years, and when you see live clips, such as this rendition of “Rubber Ball”, you know why. The track comes from their recent effort, Thank You, Happy Birthday, and the performance was pulled from a recent private show in Tennessee. With its child-like strumming and nature, it seems like a very ironic choice for a room full of drunken adults.



    -Animator and musician Professor Soap brings you his latest project, “Spirit Quest Journey”. Join his creatures as they wander across a crater-filled, lunar landscape. As the journey continues, more creatures join the group, each one stranger than the last. The high-pitched keys and odd flutes go perfectly with the visuals making this surreal journey a memorable one.

    Music Videos:

    -Be sure to check out this voodoo masterpiece from X-Ray Eyeballs entitled, “Crystal”. The Crystal that they refer to is a voodoo doll that undergoes plenty of torture throughout the clip, all leading to an ending that’s wicked, gory, and visually stunning. FYI: The video also contains members from the Pains of Being Pure at Heart. If you like the track, be sure to pick up the album it’s off of: Not Nothing. Be forewarned, if you see any witches eyeballing it in the shop, let them have it.

    Yesterday’s Videos…


    Take Away Show #100 – Soema Montenegro – Part 1

    Vincent Moon’s Take Away Show is a series of profiles on musical artists all over the globe, filmed by many different directors. They have been airing since 2006 for La Blogothèque and have appeared there ever since. The episodes are always intimate, with focus placed on creation and display of the music. It’s not about what they create; it’s about how they create.


    This one hundredth episode, directed by Moon himself, turns the focus on shamanistic Argentinian musician, Soema Montenegro. Not much is said with words; almost everything comes from the operatic voice and gentle guitar patterns of Soema herself. After a brief performance with her boyfriend, Jorge, in her kitchen, they talk briefly about how the music was what brought them together. Rather than discussing her work, Soema decides to play again instead. One more haunting tune later and you’re left waiting for part 2, but you can view the entire 30-minute plus documentary here.

    Music Videos:

    -The video for “Miss Mermaid” by Writer is for anybody who used to fantasize about Ariel’s dream come true. You have a semi-nude mermaid, sea critters all around, the ocean, and nice music to boot. What more do you want?

    -In the new video by Parenthetical Girls entitled, “The Common Touch”, we watch as the band masters a fluttery yet tightly choreographed dance. The track comes from the band’s most recent EP, Privilege Part II: The Past, Imperfect. Side note: The band numbers all their EPs in another member’s blood…rad or gross?


    Another Round:

    The Smashing Pumpkins – “1979”: What was so great about this video? Find out.

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