Today on Cluster 1: CoS News, Freebird, Beans, Breakbot, Only Son, and La Sera (3/2)


cluster 1 monitor test400 300x297 Today on Cluster 1: CoS News, Freebird, Beans, Breakbot, Only Son, and La Sera (3/2)


-Another news segment from our man with the plan, Sami Jarroush. Check out what’s new in the music world, specifically with R.E.M., The Strokes, System of a Down, Deftones, and Record Store Day.


Freebird #41: Heliodrome Montreal

– Our favorite indie rapper, bleubird, continues his never-ending journey, this time we catch him in Montreal, Quebec, where he experiments with Canadian hip-hop group Heliodrome in the Freebird RV. The group put on a show together out of the RV, and as bleubird states, “We didn’t attract too much attention, just a few friends, a dog, and two curious Hasidic gentlemen. ‘Twas a great evening of music and conversation and we miraculously didn’t blow the circuit with all of their electronics.”

Music Videos:

– The rap rebel known to the public as Beans brings forth a play on the rap clichés with his video, “Blue Movie”. There’s bling and booty for sure, but this is more like a Smithsonian gem collection mashed up with some erotic fantasies. The track comes from Beans new solo effort, End it All, which features a ton of featured artists such as Four Tet, Tobacco, and Interpol’s Sam Fog.

– The renowned DJ, Breakbot, brings forth his new video for “Baby I’m Yours” featuring Irfane. While we here at Cluster 1 always see our fair share of animation, nothing has been quite like this rotoscoping done by Irina Dakeva, which was created out of 2000+ watercolor paintings!

– Check out this video for “Searchlight”, by Only Son, who is being haunted by some evil shadows and the paranoia, is starting to drive him berserk. After all, the dude is sleeping with a lead pipe. The track comes from his album under the same name, which was also produced by the video’s director, Eddie “Pull” Frente.

– According to La Sera, “Devils Hearts Grow Gold”, in this video that depicts La Sera gambling with Beelzebub himself. Not to mention interruptions of a slow-motion mosh pit with obscure confetti explosions.

In case you missed it:

-Another Round for the classic from Korn: “Freak on a Leash”.

-BRAHMS created this video entitled, “Repeat It”, by using a series of security cameras and iPhones during their trip to Tokyo. The shots have been heavily edited and blended to turn it into a sinister video collage of darkened dance floors.

-This next video from Teletextile entitled, “The Lark”, is part of an ongoing video series titled, In the Open. This series primarily depicts outdoor live performances that are in their most raw form – trying to capture the experiences, and music of the performers in one perfect moment. This particular selection was shot during the golden hour on a December afternoon in Los Angeles, as singer Pamela Martinez plays a harp a-top a wooded hill.

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