Today on Cluster 1: R.E.M., British Sea Power, Yuck, Non-Commissioned Officers, and more! (3/11)


cluster 1 monitor test400 300x297 Today on Cluster 1: R.E.M., British Sea Power, Yuck, Non Commissioned Officers, and more! (3/11)


Takeaway Show #100 – Soema Montenegro Pt. II

– Take a look at Part II of Vincent Moon’s Takeaway Show, as he goes further into the world of Argentinian musician, Soema Montenegro. In the last part, Montenegro plays a number of her songs at her home, and oddly enough, she barely comments on her work. This time, there is virtually NO dialogue, as we watch her wander the streets, guitar in hands, and voice in the air. Her second album and first U.S. release, Passionaria, comes out on May 31st.



– There’s a certain feeling one gets when trying to recount a lost detail of a certain event. You may have the majority of elements right in your head, but sometimes, one minor detail can escape you. Welcome to the animated piece, Loop Loop, which focuses on that concept. With a series of trippy animation, sound warps, and time shifts, the video follows a group of locals, leaving us to search for all the pieces of the puzzle.

Music Videos:

– In the new video from British Sea Power, “Who’s in Control”, the English sextet combines the arts of rioting and streaking into one politically charged video via salvaged, actual footage. Ah, guerilla filmmaking at its finest. The track comes from the band’s latest LP, Valhalla Dancehall.

– People always say, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas,” and sometimes this is the truth. However, you can’t ignore how light your wallet eventually gets. Tristen’s “Baby Drugs” video depicts the opposite, though, showing how sometimes fortune can prevail.

– Be sure to check out the video from the Non-Commissioned Officers entitled, “No Means No”, which comes from the original score to the 2008 film, Make-Out With Violence. A success in the film festival circuit, the film is now available on DVD. FYI: The band itself was actually formed just to write the soundtrack to the movie, but eventually the group decided to play shows to help raise money for the film during post-production. Not necessarily a bad gig! The band’s debut arrives next week on March 14th and it’s titled, Money Looking for Thieves.

– In Ponytail’s new video for “Easy Peasy”, director Ray Concepcion takes the concept of the live-concert music video to a whole new level. Shot at the Siren Festival on Coney Island, the show is displayed before us through the eyes of a sunglasses-wearing fan. The crowd is having fun, the sun is out, and Coney Island is in full effect.


Music Videos:

– Be sure to take a look at the video for Yuck’s song “Get Away”. Recently, Alex Young went on to say, “Solo projects are fun and all, but Daniel Blumberg has a good thing going with Yuck. Especially if we put much stock in their new music video for “Get Away”, which essentially sees the band drink what appears to be either corn syrup, whiskey, or urine and then pick up a nude female hitchhiker. Ah, the the added perks of being in a profession with >$50,000 a year salary..” ‘Nuff said.

– A Cluster 1 Premier for you all! The world famous R.E.M. performs its new track, “That Someone is You”, live in the studio! As some of you may know, the band released its 15th effort, Collapse into Now, this past week.  Consequence of Sound’s Ben Kaye commented, “Though the shortest track on the record by a full minute (and one second!), R.E.M. still pump in as much energy and joy into the simple, fun pop song as anything else. Stipe and unofficial member Scott McCaughey can’t help but smile; and with lines like “pull me up and out of cartoon quicksand,” how could they? No, it’s not one of the 12, but it was recorded in Berlin’s legendary Hansa Studio (where Brian Eno and David Bowie laid down Heroes), and that’s pretty extraordinary.”

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