Today on Cluster 1: The Decemberists, Cloud Nothings, Non-Comissioned Officers, Foxes in Fiction, & more! (3/14)


cluster 1 monitor test400 300x297 Today on Cluster 1: The Decemberists, Cloud Nothings, Non Comissioned Officers, Foxes in Fiction, & more! (3/14)

Music Videos:

– Here’s another clip from the 2008 feature film, Make-Out With Violence, which features the first original music from the Non-Commissioned Officers. The track here, “Sweet Eleanor”, displays the more romantic side of the witty, dark film that’s actually seen some success within the film festival circuit. Feel free to check out their other videos: “Ride” or “No Means No”. Also, you can stream their album online here

– In the video for “School Night” by Foxes in Fiction, the title hardly matches what is going on here. When one thinks of a school night, they think, “Better do my homework and get to bed early.” Here though, it’s the exact opposite. While they crosscut footage from 1969’s A Day with the Boys, the video offers the wonderful experience of school being out for the summer, and enjoying the smallest parts of childhood innocence. The video is a part of Slow Motion, an auditory project that fuses meditative sounds with matching images, and it can be viewed in its entirety here.

– This new visual masterwork from the Generationals, entitled, “Ten-Twenty-Ten”, has both a crazy production method and loads of madness. The video combines a series of seemingly unique clips, some composites, some animated, to make up this visual stimulation. And if you like fish, chances are you will enjoy the amount of them within this video, which comes from their new album, Actor-Caster, due out March 29th.

– Cloud Nothings used their latest video, “Nothing’s Wrong”, to bring their favorite game show to the streets! This is what happens when you move Super Market Sweep out of the grocery store and onto the streets of suburbia. Our hero runs from house-to-house, grabbing everything he can on the list. He and his unlikely ally even must thwart their enemies in a car chase (slow motion included).

From the Weekend:


-Need an update in what’s new in the music world? Tune in to Sami Jarroush’s news segments here on Cluster 1. Before he heads to Austin, TX for SXSW, Jarroush dishes the goods on the Arctic Monkeys’  new album, TV on the Radio’s new song, the lost Beach Boys album, Beck’s new project, the latest from Justice, and CoS’ picks for South By Southwest!

Music Videos:

-This video by 1,2,3 entitled “Confetti” is another part of Drew Norton’s Green-Screening project, where artists perform in front of a green screen and allow their imagination to run wild. This particular video features a dark, stormy sky, and several doppelgangers of member Nic Snyder, playing a multitude of instruments.

-Electo-pop group FM Belfast submits their strange, interpretive dance video for the track “Underwear”. Eventually though, the dancing overwhelms the senses, and the camera speeds up, to the point where you may just lose yourself. The track comes off the group’s debut album, How to Make Friends, and if you dig that, get psyched for their new album dropping this summer.

-The Decembrists proudly show us their daily routine in their new video for “Down by the Water”. The video contains the acclaimed indie rockers showing off a number of photographs from Autumn de Wilde, each of which display strange glimpses into the lives of the band members.

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