Today on Cluster 1: TV on the Radio, Mr. Dream, Wakey! Wakey!, and loads of SXSW!

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Alright folks, we’ve been gone for the past week with our usual Cluster 1 menus, but we’re back now! After taking some time to head out to South By Southwest, Cluster 1 now has more exclusive and amazing footage than ever. So, let’s take a look.

Music Videos:

Mr. Dream – “Crime” – Multiple security camera capture the band, who’s up to no good.

Wakey! Wakey! – “Light Outside” – Ever wonder what life is like living inside a mirror?

TV on the Radio – “Will Do” – You’ll never look at your Erector set the same way again.

Family of the Year – “Psyche or Like Scope” – It’s an astral adventure!

The Cars – “Sad Song” – Say thanks to Federico Fellini, David Lynch, and David Cronenberg, please.

Another Round:

The Dirty Projectors – “Silence is the Move” – Go into the wild…

Live at South By Southwest:

Interview: MobyConsequence of Sound‘s Michael Roffman sat down with the world-famous multi-instrumentalist this weekend. The two discuss their time down in Austin, the current music industry, and Moby’s forthcoming record, Destroyed, due out May.

Interview: Gypsyblood – Nothing beats an interview in one of the most intimate places of your life: the restroom. Host Sami Jarroush took a walk with Gypsyblood, from the restroom to beyond. The three discuss the band’s new album, new label, and their journey towards the SXSW experience, which certainly sounds like it was a hot and exciting one.

Interview: Astronautalis – After he helped himself to some fine Texas food, Astronautalis sat down with our own Sami Jarroush to talk about a multitude of topics.

Interview: P.O.S. & Astronautalis vs. Innerpartysystem – The acclaimed rappers sit down with American electronica act Innerpartysystem to discuss their current plans for 2011.

Live at Third Man Records Rolling Store:

-Small shows by huge artists are a big draw to the whole experience, and this weekend, a small crowd in Austin, TX were fortunate to catch some big time performances at Third Man Records traveling store. First up was the owner himself, Mr. Jack White, who performed two songs. And to follow him up, White brought out new Third Man artist Seasick Steve, a timely blues player, whose shredding is as unforgettable as his all-time American get-up.

Live at Consequence of Sound’s Dot Com Day Stage:

Lady Lamb the Beekeeper (aka Aly Spaltro) discusses her writing style and time in Austin with Michael Roffman.

Pepper Rabbit enjoys the sun outside the convention center to discuss their sound, despite being wiped out from a killer performance moment’s prior. Their performances include new material, such as the tracks “Murder Room” and “The Annexation of Puerto Rico”.

PS I Love You played a destructive set, and here’s a cut of “2012” that will be surely knock you away.

Live at Axis of Audio’s Austin Showcase:

– Coming tonight!

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