Tristen – “Baby Drugs”

You know the old adage, “Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas?” For the most part, we’d like to think it holds true. But the one area you can’t ignore is how it hits your wallet. Many gamblers are bound to end up on the wrong side of chance. However, in Tristen’s latest video, “Baby Drugs,” fortune favors the bold. What’s all the cash for?  Find out.

“Baby Drugs” is the most recent single off of Charlatans At The Garden Gate, her debut recently released through American Myth Records. If you want to hear more, go to her official website and you’ll received four free songs from the album for the price of an email address. You’ll also be entered in a contest with a chance to win an “Eager For Your Love” 7″ record.

Directed by: Justin Mitchell


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