Watch: Lil Wayne ft. Cory Gunz – “6’7″

Did you ever see the movie Inception? In it, Leonardo DiCaprio’s character has to break into someone’s dreams and implant a thought that would forever change this person’s existence, all while dealing with the all-too-real memories of his dead wife, whom he pulled a similar feat upon that inevitably lead her to suicide. Lil Wayne must have been a big fan of the flick and paid his homage with the video for “6’7″ (via RapRadar), the lead single of the upcoming Tha Carter IV. Except, instead of the surreal dream-scapes and existential questions regarding the perception of reality, Weezy just populated his dreams with random imagery to match his flow (he cuts his head off when he says he does!) and a plethora of beautiful women. Check out the Hype Williams-directed video above and make sure to keep your totem handy.


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