We Are Enfant Terrible – “Filthy Love”

Ahh, science experiments. They often look like so much fun on the big or small screen. Case in point is the video for “Filthy Love” by We Are Enfant Terrible. It starts off in stark black-and-white, as an unseen scientist records the thumping groove of the bass. After a series of test tubes, beakers, and monitors are used, a red square of Jello is created and served to the band’s bassist, Thomas Fourny. Once he wolfs it down, he’s surrounded by a red silhouette as plays away on his instrument. This is repeated with similar results for singer Clo Floret and drummer Cyril Debarge. After listening and watching this dance-infused tune, there will be two things you want to do: bounce along to the beat and eat some Jello, preferably in that order.

Directed by: bif
Executive Producer: Thomas Bercheux
Director of Photography: Romain Leubonniec


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