Zeus wins Verge Music Award, gears up for 7-inch release

Most people think of hockey, bacon, and socialized medicine, but when music aficionados think of Canada, all these wonderful little indie rock bands come to mind. The Verge XM 87 specializes in playing Canada’s finest — Arcade Fire, Broken Social Scene, The New Pornographers — and on Tuesday helped groom another Canadian indie group by the name of Zeus.

Giving recognition (and $25,000) to Zeus for the band’s debut LP a full year after its release, on Tuesday The Verge called Say Us the Album of the Year at its Verge Music Awards in Toronto. Which means the band topped Stars and Tegan and Sara; not too shabby.

Zeus, who was also nominated for the Polaris Prize last year, will celebrate first off with a sale, and second by putting out a 7-inch, the second of a series by the Toronto band. Out April 12th on Arts & Crafts, the 7-inch will be a double A-side called Permanent Scar / The Darkness. The title tracks were recorded with help from Robbie Lackritz, who in the past has worked with Feist. The 7-inch follows last December’s Hot Under the Collar / Aeroplane.


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