Alcoholic Faith Mission – “Legacy”

A Cluster 1 Premiere!

When a pet dies, what do you do?  For one young girl with a fascination for death and anthropology, this question leads to a flood of answers as she considers the full histories of human funerals, across time and cultures, for her beloved mouse.  Director, Bryn Chainey articulates each of these make-shift funerals for the deceased with d.i.y. handcrafted charm.  This is an amazing video with an incredible vision and distinctive style. “legacy” is from the Danish indie band’s recently released And The Running With Insanity EP.

Directed by: Bryn Chainey
Cast: Lea & Line Kolditz

Camera: Anselm Belser & Cate Smierciak
Design: Caroline Ohmert & Marta Mastronardi
Costume: Mareike Bay & Monique Scheibel
Set Management: Rike van Bremen
Prod. Assistant: Arlett Dittmann
Produced by: Paul Ohmert


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