CoS Giveaway: Find Sasquatch! Get Tickets!


Now that Coachella has passed us by, all heads should turn to the Pacific Northwest, where Adam Zacks will unfold the 10th edition of his widely celebrated Sasquatch! Music Festival. This year, the festival returns to celebrate all four days of America’s amicable Memorial Day weekend in George, WA. They’ve also tagged some hot artists to lead the whole charade; you know, heavyhitters like Foo Fighters, Death Cab for Cutie, The Flaming Lips, Wilco, etc.. Throw in hot reunions like Death from Above 1979 or Guided by Voices, indie favorites a la Bright Eyes and The Decemberists, or rhythm enthusiasts Robyn or Flying Lotus, and you’ve got a hell of a soundtrack next to what may be America’s most beautiful natural setting: The Gorge.

The problem is…the whole thing’s sold out. So, if you want to go, you’re sort of screwed.

But, Consequence of Sound has you covered. As media sponsors of the event, we’ve put together the ultimate travel kit (courtesy of Live Nation). This includes:

  • 2 passes to Sasquatch Music Festival
  • 1 camping pass
  • 2 festival shirts
  • 1 festival poster
  • 1 satchel bag

See? What more do you need?

Now, here’s the trick. To win the kit, you need to find Sasquatch. No, we’re not expecting you to scour the forests of the Pacific Northwest, or brave the spooky powers of the Black Lodge. No. We’re keeping this online. It’s safer that way. Instead, we’ve scattered four images across both Consequence of Sound and Cluster 1 that, altogether, make up the incredible beast. It’s just up to you to find them.

To help in your expedition, we’ll offer hints to the right articles through our social networks, specifically both Twitter accounts for Consequence of Sound (@coslive) and Cluster 1 (@cluster1tv), in addition to their respective Facebook networks, which you can “Like”, here and here. Keep in mind that we’ll be posting helpful hints throughout the week, so if you’re looking to win and get a one up in the hunt, be sure to start following. (Update: There will be four parts to collect. We will post three hints for each part, all in succession. But you’ll have to follow both sites to get all the hints. They get easier as they come. But, you’ll be at the risk of falling behind the real codebreakers.)

The first detective to send all four locations to will be sent the kit! All four links that feature each piece need to be sent together in just one e-mail.

Without further adieu, start following and start hunting!