Dead Meadow to digitally release Peel Sessions

If the late BBC Radio 1 deejay John Peel was still around today, the Briton would have the most hacked Amazon Cloud Drive around. From 1967 until his death in 2004, Peel helped break nearly any artist worth listening to; for proof just check his Wiki page. Not every artist was from overseas, either. Well, one of them wasn’t. Case in point: Washington, D.C.’s Dead Meadow. Now 10 years later, the American hard rock quartet are celebrating their 2001 New Year’s Day appearance on Peel’s show by releasing the fittingly (and often) titled digital release, Peel Sessions.

Recorded in 2000 at Fugazi’s recording space in Arlington, VA., the Dead Meadow session is notably the first non-UK recording to appear on the program. The eight-track release features the six songs from the Peel session, plus a demo of “White Worm” and an acoustic version “Golden Cloud”. Tracked out during the same period as 2001’s Howls From the Hills, the new release places a more energetic/live twist on “Drifting Down Streams”, “Dusty Nothing”, and “Breeze Always Blows”.

Peel Sessions will be available digitally May 10th via Xemu Recordings, and there’s even more on the horizon. According to a press release, the band’s original drummer Mark Laughlin has returned to begin recording new material to follow-up 2010’s The Three Kings.

Peel Sessions tracklist:
01. Dusty Nothing
02. Good Moanin’
03. The Boot
04. Indian Bones
05. Drifting Down Streams
06. Breeze Always Blows
07. White Worm
08. Golden Cloud


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