End of Week Recap: March 28 – April 3


    April 2011 got off to a “fine” start with the loss of LCD Soundsystem. One of the chief architects of millennial indie rock said goodbye this weekend with a string of larger-than-life shows in New York City.

    Perhaps T.S. Eliot was right. Maybe April really is the cruelest month.

    Then again, this is the time of year  when the music world starts to gain serious momentum. Nearly every artist still in existence decides to release new material and tour the world, major festivals finally reveal their line-ups, and just about anything’s possible. It is spring after all. The season for exciting new beginnings.

    You know where this is headed. This is the part where I tell you that CoS will be here all throughout the busy spring season and beyond to help you keep track of everything important in the music. Yes, that’s exactly what we’re here for.


    So get ready for next week because it’s sure to be stacked — but don’t forget to enjoy this recap post first:

    LCD Soundsystem played their final farewell.

    — Read all about it: Radiohead deliver their free newspaper, The Universal Sigh.

    Arcade Fire scored big time at this year’s Juno Awards (i.e. Canada’s answer to the Grammys, only slightly cooler) and played a rousing rendition of “Rococo” that night, which you can view by clicking here. Plus, they found time to perform Funeral stand-out “Haiti,” in, no joke, Haiti this week, along with some really unexpected covers.

    — Go ahead. Try to name one artist who doesn’t plan to release something on Record Store Day this year.

    The White Stripes plan to reissue their first two singles. You can buy them on a certain day in April. (Hint: it rhymes with “lecord ore bay”).

    — There’s a new Death Cab for Cutie track to hear.

    Kid Cudi has a new song out, too.

    Circuital, My Morning Jacket‘s sixth studio album, drops on May 31st.

    Odd Future unleashed even more material that defies simple explanation.

    — And now for the obligatory Foo Fighters update: you can now hear 60-second samples of their forthcoming LP. You can also listen to another new track called “Arlandria” if you want. Or you could just stream the whole thing. Your call.

    — Watch the video for the Fleet Foxes’ “Grown Ocean”.

    Jay-Z got slapped with a lawsuit.

    Charlie Sheen gave us something else to Google/Twitter about.

    The Strokes continued to kill it live.

    — This year’s installment of Nateva Festival was canceled.

    — Have Ezra Furman & The Harpoons recorded their best album to date? Here’s what Adam Kivel had to say.

    — Disappointed with Daft Punk‘s original score for Tron: Legacy? Read Megan Ritt’s take on Tron Legacy: R3CONFIGUR3D.

    Peter Bjorn and John are back. Chris Coplan reviewed their latest effort, Gimme Some.

    — Derek Staples ventured south for the “three-day electro-extravaganza” that is Ultra Music Festival.

    — Sergio Vega (of Deftones fame) was nice enough to chat with Karina Halle.

    — No week here at CoS is complete without a giveaway of some sort. How do free tickets to Sweetlife Festival 2011 sound?

    — FYI, we’re throwing a huge party in Chicago featuring Ladytron‘s Mira Ayoyo on April 14th. Click here for additional details.

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