Listen: Hyawatha

While band inspiration stories range pretty far, high school friends becoming band mates because of the influence of Hiawatha, leader of the Iroquois tribe, is pretty unusual. This can explain why they themselves compare their band to a tribe. Going under the name Hyawatha, vocalist Christopher Gennone, guitarist Andrew Merclean’s, drummer Gordon McGrath, and bassist Marshall Green create a unique concoction of sound.

Hailing from New Jersey, Hyawatha describe their sound as “electric swamp rock.” Confused? Gennone explains: “Well, if you’re ever in New Jersey, you can immediately feel the heavy air and swampy feeling it gives off. It’s noisy, dirty and lo-fi, but it all blends together like New Jersey does.” Influenced by The Doors and Sonic Youth (just to name a couple), their music isn’t something your ears have likely heard before. Their sound isn’t polished and clean, and that’s exactly how they like it.

They faced obstacles along the way to becoming what they are now, from long commutes to familial disapproval of the rock lifestyle, but writing songs in college dorm rooms and extensive basement practices were well worth it. They’re getting show offers every week, and over this past year, they’ve gotten ready for their first official album, this year’s Marilyn Monsoon.

It seems, however, that no matter what the future holds, the band is happy, just as long as they’re making music together. Gennone says it’s all about the music, not the fame, understanding that while it might sound naïve, it’s the reason they got started. Their steamy New Jersey roots keep their feet on the ground, all while providing mass amounts of inspiration.

So, look out for one of their shows in the New York/Jersey area, but until then check out their album, Marilyn Monsoon. It’s available to purchase on their Myspace page, where songs like “History Lesson Part III” will induce a swampy trance of lo-fi noise. Or you can stream it below…

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