Moby – “The Day”

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    The clip, directed by Evan Bernard (who has directed Moby’s videos for “Disco Lies” and “New York, New York”), features, according to Moby, Heather Graham in the role of a nurse/guardian angel “who gets to slaughter demons.”  In case you don’t have an over-priced English degree to interpret the clip’s meaning, Bernard said the crux of the video was that “She (the angel) is the defender of righteousness. She represents good, and she’s defeating evil.”  Even with the thinly-veiled Christian metaphors, the surreal imagery of Graham floating through the air and Moby performing on the ceiling like a spiritual Lionel Richie make for a true visual treat to accompany a sonic step toward the sublime.

    Destroyed is scheduled to hit stores May 17th via Little Idiot/Mute Records.

    -Chris Coplan

    Directed by: Evan Bernard

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