Scattered Trees – "Four Days Straight" Directed by Jack Thornton

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    Four videos have entered, only one will be the official Scattered Trees music video!

    Growing up in San Diego, CA, Jack Thornton has always been involved with the performing arts. She fell in love with filmmaking as a sophomore in high school. At Princeton University, she continues to work as a freelance videographer, collaborating with the Princeton LGBT Center and the University’s Communications Department. She is planning to major in anthropology with a minor in video production in the hope of becoming a social issue filmmaker.

    For Scattered Trees, Thornton keeps things monochrome except for splashes of bright red to brighten up the band. While the group performs in a park, the members also walk around the area carrying objects with them: an apple, a scarf, a teddy bear… the contrast adds a vivid quality that works well with the band’s upbeat tune.

    Read more about the contest here and comment below to share your thoughts on the video and vote for your favorite!

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