Scattered Trees – "Four Days Straight" Directed by Markus Kneer

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    Four videos have entered, only one will be the official Scattered Trees music video!

    The German-born Markus Kneer has been on the run for the last ten years, traveling to Cuba, England, France and the US. He holds degrees in Economics and Philosophy from Oxford and the Ecole Normale Supérieure, Paris, and has shot various documentaries and short films in Argentina, China, and the US. Talk about being well-traveled! He is currently pursuing his MFA in film at the Tisch School of the Arts (NYU) in New York.

    For his Scattered Trees video, he has two ideas running alongside each other. There’s a story between two lovers on one end. On the other end, the band performs in front of a white wall that becomes a transforming canvas of artwork. Moving back and forth between these two themes, the video is always engaging and keeps you wondering what’s next.

    Read more about the contest here and comment below to share your thoughts on the video and vote for your favorite!

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