Today on Cluster 1: Alcoholic Faith Mission, Alexander, Zola Jesus, and Computer Beach Party (4/25)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert

    Music Videos:

    Alcoholic Faith Mission – “Legacy” – A Cluster 1 Premiere! Sometimes when our pets die…it stirs up quite a bit of emotion. Through a DIY look at the history of funerals, a little girl learns to cope with the loss of her pet mouse.

    Alexander – “A Million Years” – The Magnetic Zeros/Imarobot front man wanders through the desert (nothing unusual here), but this desert is a landscape on his face. Surreal, yes, but too odd for Alex Ebert….oh hell no!

    Zola Jesus – “Night” – By combining elements of the Ridley Scott films Legend and Blade Runner, you have a very unique Zola Jesus video where he steps through the looking glass, and winds up on a wild quest.



    Computer Beach Party – This VHS work of art has been called “a sunny day in space” by it’s creator Joslyn Crocco. It will certainly take you away for a bit, if that’s your goal.

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