Today on Cluster 1: Beastie Boys, Stripmall Architecture, Virgin Islands, and Airlines (4/27)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert

Music Videos:

Stripmall Architecture – “One of Three” – A Cluster 1 Premiere! Beautiful nature shots that would make Planet Earth blush, complete with a sexy girl maneuvering through the landscape. This video is hauntingly beautiful.

Virgin Islands – “No Doctor” – A Cluster 1 Premiere! This crunchy thrash track gets visual accompaniment that suits the title perfectly. A hospital patient on a gurney rolls solo through the city streets, and is out of control!

Airlines – “Colors” – A Cluster 1 Premiere! Old school U.S.A. bicentennial animation complete with a diabolical track from psychedelic rockers…this video should not be watched on drugs.

Hot Chip – “Ready for the Floor” – Lead singer Alexis Taylor becomes a two-faced Joker, and sets a number of death traps on his unsuspecting band mates. And the kids in my band call me an asshole!

Hot Chip – “I Feel Better” – You will feel better after watching this video and seeing boy bands get exterminated from the face of the Earth. The world is a better place without 98 Degrees.

Another Round:

Beastie Boys – “Sabotage” – “Jonze agreed to work with the Beastie Boys on “Sabotage”. The now iconic send-up of ’70s cop shows became incredibly popular with MTV fans and helped push the Ill Communication album to the top of the charts. The band, as well as DJ Hurricane, played multiple characters, all with terrible mustaches and wigs.” –Nick Freed

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