Today on Cluster 1: C1 News, Daedelus, Shy Child, and loads of animation (4/11)

Cluster C1 manchester orchestra concert


Cluster 1 News with Sami Jarroush – Updates on The White Stripes, Bonnaroo, Beastie Boys, and, once again, Foo Fighters.

Music Videos:

Shy Child – “Open Up the Sky” – Martial arts isn’t about beating other people up, but you do have to exert some strength, and power. On that note….don’t mess with the girl in this video, she could kick Hilary Swank’s ass in both The Next Karate Kid AND Million Dollar Baby.

Daedelus – “Scaling Snowdon (Slow Climb Version)” – As part of the Room 205 series, Daedelus creates a remix of his track, while trying to provoke to feeling of a Victorian-era séance. Definitely creepy.

Grizzly Bear – “Two Weeks” – One of the best fan-made music videos ever seen! This depiction of the Grizzly Bear track takes us through all sorts of cardboard-animated environments, all throughout the duration of one gradual tracking shot.

Shine 2009 ft. Paula Abdul – “So Free” – This VHS wonder captures the lo-fi glamor of ’90s dance-pop videos in a way that is both nostalgic, and a reminder that video is not dead.

Kosha Dillz – “Cellular Phone” – “Kosha Dillz b in yo cellphonez, sextin’ yo girl. So watch out!”


ENVISION: Step into the Sensory Box – It’s amazing what you can do with some boxes and insanely, trippy lighting effects.

Procrastination – In this graduate animation film, one can learn the true meaning of procrastination. Procrastination is….whatever, I’ll explain it later.

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